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Focuses on New York State Recognition that Communities Aligned in Strategic Priorities for Sustainability Create Opportunities for Growth.


E²=P³ (Economies of Empowerment=Perspectives, Paths and Prosperities) Coalition Cultivates Shared Perspectives across Stakeholder Paths that strive to create Effective Community Partners (State, County, Municipal, School District, Business, Non-Profit, Taxpayers, etc.)—Empowering Proactive and Attainable Responsiveness to Property Tax Burdens and Unfunded Mandate Relief and others through Reforms that Translate to Clarity as Renewed Perspectives for Prosperities—now and for future generations.


7 – Point Goal Statement


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A Goal’s Advancement is Achievable when Community Partnerships Truly Care for and Understand that all Aspects of the Vision and Higher Value Actions—Emphasize—a Path Aligned in Purpose, our Heightened Awareness that Life Energies Integrated are Essential to Strengthen the Whole for Economic Sustainability and Growth—Colette Zito